Default Configuration

The default configuration is applied when a widget is created with no options.


This demo shows the effect of each widget option and how options interact. The list of values provided for each option are not meant to be exhaustive and for some options might just contain a selection of possible values that demonstrate particular features.

Ordinarily the original form element the ProDatePicker widget is initialised on is hidden with CSS. For this demo you can choose to show this element and see what's happening "under the hood." This allows you to see the effect of the sourceModel and sourceZone options.

Dates Ranges

ProDatePicker has built-in support for paired widgets that can act as "date range" selectors where one widget acts as the minimum date for the other, which in turn acts as the maximum date for the first. This set up is achieved by setting minDate and maxDate with jQuery selectors and allows the end user to select start and end dates with the guarantee that the start date is before the end date.