ProDatePicker is a massively configurable UI datepicker widget for end user selection of dates and times. It is built with jQuery and jQuery UI Widget Factory and has a purpose-built date library, ProDate, at its core.

Powered by jQuery and jQuery UI Widget Factory

ProDatePicker is a UI widget built with jQuery and jQuery UI Widget Factory. If you have ever configured and used a jQuery UI widget before, ProDatePicker will feel very familiar. ProDatePicker is incredibly easy to configure and features a rich API and custom events.

Customise almost everything

Almost everything about ProDatePicker can be configured using over 30 options. Sensible defaults get you up and running as quickly as possible and option validation prevents simple misconfiguration from breaking your widget. The look and feel can be matched to your existing site design with a custom theme and if you already have a comprehensive theme framework in place you can also augment all ProDatePicker class names through the widget prototype with no loss of functionality.

Purpose built for dates and times

Time is a first class citizen for ProDatePicker. The time picker is not just tacked on to the date picker, it is an integral part of the whole widget. The time picker and date picker are essentially widgets within a widget and can be used individually or combined seamlessly. Working with datetimes is a very different concept to working with dates only and ProDatePicker has been designed from day one to accommodate time zone offsets, daylight savings time and time ranges. In fact, the complexities introduced by handling time required the creation of a purpose-built date library: ProDate.