ProDate is a pure JavaScript date library. It has been purpose-built to provide all date parsing, outputting and manipulation functions for ProDatePicker. ProDate wraps the native JavaScript Date object to create an extended, intuitive API for working with dates in JavaScript.

Comprehensive and intuitive fluent interface API

Simple and unambiguous method names coupled with a fluent interface pattern (also known as method chaining) makes ProDate API usage as close to natural language as possible. Even the most complex date and time manipulations can be written in a concise, readable form:
proDate().startOf('month').add(5, 'days').dayName()

Parse and output dates and times in any format

Working with format models is complicated enough but working with different formats on the frontend and backend can be headache inducing. ProDate uses a configurable parser that accepts any set of format elements, even custom ones. Working with PHP? Then use the PHP format. Using Oracle? No problem. Some other format? Roll your own!

Local, UTC or offset dates and times in any language

ProDate has fully switchable locale support enabling you to work with dates and times in different languages and cultures. Local, UTC and offset modes make normalising and localising dates and times a breeze.