ProDatePicker Plugin is an Oracle Application Express item plugin that creates a tightly integrated UI datepicker widget for end user selection of dates and times. Designed from the ground up for Oracle APEX, ProDatePicker Plugin natively supports the Oracle Datetime format and exposes ProDatePicker widget options declaratively through the APEX Application Builder.

Native support for Oracle Datetime format elements

Working with date and time format models is difficult enough but converting between different formats is a real headache. With ProDatePicker Plugin you can use the exact same format models you use throughout your APEX application, easing development and maintenance, eliminating format mismatch bugs and promoting consistency.

Declarative configuration through the APEX Application Builder

ProDatePicker Plugin is an APEX wrapper for the ProDatePicker jQuery widget and exposes widget options through the familiar Application Builder UI using plugin settings for fully declarative configuration. However, if you need more control, you can easily create and configure widgets directly using JavaScript instead.

Custom events and a rich API for APEX Dynamic Actions

Custom events are exposed through the Dynamic Action UI and can be used to execute application logic at specific moments. A comprehensive API enables you to manipulate and query individual widgets using JavaScript, tightly integrating your date and time pickers to the rest of your application with minimum effort.